Emergency Broken denture repair


Have your dentures broken? Don’t worry, it is more common than you think. They crack, they split in two etc. They break for many various reasons. Considering those materials used for dentures are of good quality, there’s still a wear and tear factor as one of the main reasons. The temperature variations inside the mouth also reduce some of the denture capabilities. Specific sorts of acidic sustenances also cause damage. Changes in the bone are shrinking the jaw with time; therefore denture loses its full fit and is more susceptible to breaking as it moves inside the mouth. Various other types of accidents can break the denture.

What To Do

You can order various denture repair kits online. However, we at Dental Emergency Cheadle strongly advise not to do such a thing. The first thing to do is call us at the number seen below and arrange an appointment. Our experts are highly skilled and trained to help with broken dentures. We use the best materials only. Temporary intervention with commercial denture repair kits may end with our experts unable to fully repair and restore the original functions of the denture.

What are my options

Some dentures malfunctions are small and can be resolved at the first office visit. If that is not possible and the denture has to be sent to the lab, our dentist will recommend the best solution for the patient. Sometimes that is a creation of a whole new denture.

Call us on our EMERGENCY HELPLINE: 0161 428 2355

We at Dental Emergency Cheadle can help with broken dentures 24 hours a day! If the need occurs at any given time after 6:00 PM, you can reach us on 0161 428 2355. Contact us and book an appointment!

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