Emergency Wisdom Teeth Removal

What is a wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth (sometimes named the third molar) is the most posterior of the three molars. Human ancestors used these so-called wisdom teeth to grind plant tissue in the past. In most cases, they grow out between ages 17 and 25, although they start to form around the age of ten. Up to four such teeth can erupt during that time, although not everyone has all of them. It is common to have less than four. After those teeth erupt they affect the other teeth and sometimes the removal of it is necessary.

Dental Treatment

If infection of wisdom teeth (pericoronitis) occurs it needs to be evaluated and treated by a qualified dentist. Dental emergency Cheadle dentists are experts in wisdom teeth removal. They know how to lessen the bacterial load in the tainted zone. They will place oral anti-infection agents. Those usually need 24 hours to create their full effect. Prescriptions of chlorhexidine can be given; the patient will use those for cleaning of infected area(s). If there’s such possibility, Dental Emergency Cheadle dentist will show methods and strategies for washing out the teeth and gums in-between space. That’s the space where microscopic organisms create dangerous contaminations).

What to do

The dentist tells you your wisdom tooth needs to be removed? First, the infection has to be cured. In most cases, approximately seven days is needed if the proper treatments take place. Local anaesthesia, sedation anaesthesia or general anaesthesia can be given when the tooth is pulled out. Pain, swelling, bleeding and bruising are common after it, but those are mostly bearable.

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