Missing teeth emergency

So you have missing teeth for whatever reason possible. What can you do? The worst thing is not to do anything and live in an open space between the teeth. We don’t recommend that.  Dental implants are another option. You can also opt for dentures. Finally, dental bridges can be beneficial. Do not hesitate to arrange a meeting at Dental Emergency Cheadle, so our expert would be able to give you full insight into the best solution.

Living With Spaces

One of the first disadvantages of such a solution, which falls into the mind, is a bad appearance. The bone around the place where the tooth has fallen out will resorb with time. That will cause many problems if a patient decides to use dental implants later in life. Teeth close to the gap on both sides will tend to move into the space causing all sorts of problems with biting and chewing. Similar stands for the teeth in the opposing jaw.

Dental implants

Dental Implants are usually a good choice. They support the bone and prevent its resorption. The trouble with loose adjacent teeth is also not the case if a patient chooses this option. Very often dental implants also prove the most economical as time passes.

The Dentures

Dentures carry along with many risks, as they are removable. A patient has to be very careful with it most of the time. Anyway, this option is often the most cost-effective. Nowadays dental technology and materials can also provide solutions looking so good, that most people wouldn’t even recognize a patient is wearing one.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have been known for many years now. The new supportive crowns are placed on each side of the gap. Their biggest deficiency is that the need for drilling the nearby healthy teeth might occur.

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