Emergency Chipped Tooth Repair

Most of the dental injuries can be accounted for chipped teeth category. It’s not considered major trouble. In most cases, reattachment of broken pieces and/or bonding a crown or veneer in place annihilates the damage. If you suspect you’re having chipped tooth, make sure you call us at Dental Emergency Cheadle and arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Possible Causes Of A Chipped Tooth

Tooth/teeth can chip when you fall and hit your mouth. Hard candies and bones can also be the cause of damage if you accidentally bite in too hard. Sports injuries are one of the most common causes, too. Finally, if the teeth are already weakened with cavities – they are already inclined towards chipping.

What To Do

If you experience small to moderate chips, the dentist can actually resolve the problem simply by polishing the affected place with dental instruments. His/her goal in such a case is removing rough edges. Restoring the lost parts with high-tech materials is also common. Large chips can sometimes be bonded back immediately after the accident if they are/were saved. However, if the damage is considerable it will require a root canal treatment.

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