Cavity (cavities)

Definition: Cavity is by definition a hollow in the object. Therefore – a dental cavity or dental caries is damage to the structure of a tooth, a hollow in tooth.


Cavities form as a direct result of bacteria’s living on the surface of the teeth. Poor dental hygiene is amongst main reasons cavities develop. Not enough essential minerals on a person’s diet also contribute to the disease. Fluoride treatments, hollow fillings and/or extractions take place when one needs dental treatment. And if cavities develop, they are irreversible; dental treatment, therefore, is needed.

What to do

Some of the newest researches estimated that using a combination of proper diet and tooth remineralization can help. In case of emergency-affected person can take over-the-counter pain relief medication or try to use a numbing gel around the affected area. However, he/she still needs to see a dentist in order to eliminate the consequences of the damage already done.

Dental emergency Cheadle dentists are experts at dealing with a cavity (cavities).

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