Cracked Tooth Emergency

No matter what caused it, if you suffer from cracked tooth/teeth, you are probably experiencing pain when you are eating/chewing food. You feel similar when you expose your teeth to very cold or very hot beverages/food. If you suspect you might have cracked tooth/teeth, we recommend visiting Cheadle dentists endodontists, which are specialized in saving cracked teeth.

How to be sure whether the tooth is cracked

The patient feels pain in the cracked tooth because hard tissues on the outer side of the tooth got damaged. On the inside, there’s a soft tissue named the pulp which is crisscrossed with blood vessels and nerves. The pulp is covered with white enamel and a hard layer (the dentin). In the case of cracked tooth/teeth, the pulp gets very sensitive because tiny little pieces get moved when the patient is chewing. If proper help/healing is not given, the damage gets big enough so the pulp is unable to heal itself. As time progresses, the tooth hurts by itself, regardless of chewing and using hot/cold foods and drinks. If even at such a stage endodontist help is not given, the infection of pulp tissue can damage the gum and bone around the cracked tooth.

Dental Treatment

Treatment of cracked teeth depends on what type the crack actually is. There are several main types: fractured cusp, treatable cracked tooth, split tooth and vertical root fracture type. Dental Emergency Cheadle experts will take care of the pain first. They will closely examine and take measures to prevent the crack not to getting worse. Although the fracture in a cracked tooth in many cases cannot be healed completely, most cracked teeth are fully functional and provide years of comfortable grinding once they are treated by skillful endodontists.

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