Swollen mouth or swollen gums

Swollen mouth or swollen gums

There are many possible reasons why people experience swollen mouth or swollen gums. It can be caused by various infections, allergic reactions, irritations, salivary duct obstruction and even insects bites and many sorts of burns … Next, there are pemphigus, erythema multiforme, esophagitis, and gingivitis to name just a several of the most common. However, those are not all conditions that a dentist can resolve.

What causes swollen mouth and gums

As in cases of other teeth/mouth trouble, poor oral hygiene is the most common reason. One can even experience so-called toothbrush irritation; that’s what happens when teeth are brushed in an improper way. There’s no need to tell what happens when you get affected by hot food or drinks, insect bites etc. When gums become red instead of healthy pink colour, that’s the situation when one needs to see a dentist. Dental Emergency Cheadle specialists will help you with such conditions.


One should not panic immediately, but if the gums stay swollen for more than ten days please arrange a visit to Dental Emergency Cheadle. After initial questioning, our dentist will decide whether full mouth X-ray is needed. You will get all the appropriate advice and prescriptions. In some cases, specific toothpaste can be advised. If an extreme condition is detected, an operation is required.

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