Emergency Toothache Treatment Cheadle

When it comes to emergency toothache, tooth decay is the primary cause. It affects both children and grown-ups. A toothache is usually the result of bacteria living in a person’s mouth. These microorganisms are forming plaque that sticks to teeth. Acids delivered by the microscopic organisms in plaque can eat through the hard, white covering surface of your teeth. The cavity is a result of such action. Once a person eats something sweet, very cold or very hot and experiences pain on more than one occasion it probably means there’s decay going on the inner side of the mouth.

Types of dental pain

Woman experiencing tooth ache, holding ice bag

Various types of pain may occur in such cases: sharp, throbbing or constant pain par example. Sometimes the pain is present only when a person presses against the damaged tooth. One can experience a fever or a severe headache as a result of decayed teeth. Others feel sudden pain in the tooth or jaw, and it ranges from moderate to severe intensity.

What to do

If you experience any such or similar pain and if the pain lasts for more than one day – do not hesitate to visit the call us at Dental emergency Cheadle. In the meantime – before you get access to the doctor – you can help yourself at least a bit with the following procedures

Use warm water to wash and rinse your mouth. Carefully try to remove any food particles left in your mouth. Use dental floss. Take appropriate and buyable-without-prescription pain relievers. Alert: do not press it against your gums, or it may cause gum tissue burning! You can also achieve temporary pain relief by using over-the-counter antiseptic benzocaine; it should be placed directly on the irritated tooth and/or gum, but you have to be very careful when using products containing benzocaine.

Contrary to some beliefs, a warm or hot compress doesn’t help. In fact, it increases the level of pain. On the other hand – putting a cold compress on the outside of the hurt area reduces swelling and nubs the affected area.

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