Lost filling or loose filling

Losing a filling might turn to atrocious feelings if and when the pain starts to occur. That happens quickly if such a thing happens while you are eating. No need to panic really! Experts at Dental Emergency Cheadle are able to fix such a thing – even if the filling fell out and it was accidentally eaten. On the other hand, there’s really no need to save a filling if it’s made of amalgam, glass or if it was of composite materials. It will be replaced with the new one. There is a difference if the filling is gold or ceramic; in such a case, you can save it (if you managed to find it after it fell out). The dentist might be able to fix it back to its place.

What To Do

First, one has to remove the filling from the mouth. Accidental swallowings are not dangerous, but not recommended either. In some cases, they can cause a lung infection if inhalation happens. Taking care of proper hygiene is necessary next. Appointing a visit to Dental Emergency Cheadle should follow. The sensitivity of the damaged or broken tooth area may increase. It is a good idea to use some temporary fillings such as sugar-free chewing gum or similar. Over the counter dental cement can also be of good use. However, such temporary solutions may only last for several days, so an appointment at the dentist is still necessary.

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